13kms in the hot Belleville sun #ultratraining #3weekstogo

13kms in the hot Belleville sun #ultratraining #3weekstogo

An open letter to my Tumbler followers,

Alright so it’s November also known as Movember. I’ve started my process to don an awesome lip sweater for the month (I’ll post updated pictures consistently to show my progress) in order to raise money for this wonderful cause.

I’ve dedicated my efforts to my grandfather who lost his life to prostate cancer and to a loving mentor Bill Moorman who successfully fought back against prostate cancer and has been living cancer free for the past three years.

I’m hoping that you guys can donate anything to this cause. I literally welcome any donation, even if only dollar, it all seriously helps!

Also, for every dollar I raise I will attempt to run the equivalent amount in Km’s in under 5 days! Wouldn’t it be great to see try to do that?

Alright donate already!

"I’ve never been in a ditch so low that a run wouldn’t pop me out of it."

M. Parent
Krupicka Doin work in Leadville

Source: Joe Grant

Krupicka Doin work in Leadville

Source: Joe Grant

Highlights from the evening long run.

Evening Run

Time to bust out a lengthy 30-35km evening run to get myself used to running in the dark. This should be a fun endeavor! I’m sure tomorrow morning’s 18km run will be heavy!

Speed play

Last night I was coaxed, forced, intrigued, and challenged into a speed workout. I was hesitant, because ultra runners very rarely incorporate speed workouts into their regimens but I felt the need for speed (I apologize for that one). Interestingly enough, I was battling with myself, no one actually forced or coerced me into the workout, it was a personal battle, nonetheless, I joined the sub 2 hour half marathon running room group for a speed workout.

The workout:

3mile tempo at 7:00 per mile pace

2km warmup

10x1 minute at 5km race pace with 1 minute recovery between the hard efforts.

I was averaging about 3:30 min/per km pace for the intervals

The workout felt great and came to 7 miles total. I also did a morning run yesterday (3.6 miles easy) for a daily total of 10.6 miles. The speed workout actually felt great, I haven’t done speed work in a couple years mostly concentrating on tempo/race pace type workouts but never any interval work.

I was actually invited to run with the running room elite race team for the next speed work!!!

All in all it felt good to rip up the pavement with some speed. Who knows, maybe it’s the shoes….


Krissy Moehl

Running Mileage

Training recap:

The last two weeks I was able to put in some pretty hard long efforts on my group runs, punctuated with a 17km run at a pace of 4:15 min per km. A group of four, including myself and my close friend AB, broke out from the main group and really hammered on our Sunday morning run. It was a very fast pace and one that I will not be using during my 100 km ultra on May 26th (Which is about a month away).

Total Mileage for April thus far: 138 miles. Seems a little low when I write it out, but I should be able to add an additional 50-70 miles by April 30th. I was suffering from a little fatigue and a migraine last week and was forced to take three rest days (April 16, 17, 20) which undoubtedly lowered my mileage. I’m planning to put down a solid seven days to end the month.

Also, I’m planning to do a 50km training run with my coaches on May 5th in Gatineau’s (near Ottawa) which should ramp up my mileage nicely before I taper at the end of May before race day on May 26th

One Love,

Frost up Mt. Taranaki

Source: Outdoor Photography

Frost up Mt. Taranaki

Source: Outdoor Photography

"I dont stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done"

Emmanuel Gault doing work in France

A very interesting and amusing read that, I will admit, I can relate to 90 percent of the statements!

Tony Krupicka in Nee Zealand 

Source: Outdoor Photography

Tony Krupicka in Nee Zealand

Source: Outdoor Photography

"I’m making up for lost time. Aging comes with a perspective of what is important, and for me it’s to run as long as I can."

Steve Hughes, runner of 100 marathons after turning 60